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An Assessment Of Housing Conditions On Sustainable Human Settlement In The Core Areas Of Ado-ekiti, Metropolis, Nigeria

Housing represents the most basic of human needs and has a profound impact on the health, welfare and productivity of individuals. (FCDA 1999). Decent housing is one of the needs of individuals, the family and the environment it has a profound influence on health, efficacy, social behaviour, satisfaction and general welfare of the community. It reflects the cultural, social aesthetic and economic values of society as it is the best physical and historical evidence of civilization in a country (Adeoye et al 2014).

The problem of housing in Nigeria are enormous and complex, exhibiting apparent and marked regional differences. In most of our urban centres, the problem is not only restricted to quantity but also to the poor quality of available housing units and the environment. The result is manifested in growing overcrowding in homes and increasing pressure on infrastructural facilities and rapidly deteriorating environment (New National Housing Policy, 1985).

House inhabited by poor people are always overcrowded in the poor neighbourhoods and are prone to infection diseases, poor sanitation, and lack of drinkable water. In most of Nigeria cities, because there is inadequate houses to meet the increase urban population, poor people that want to have roof over their heads have no option than to provide houses for themselves whatever the standard in relation to their economic capacity. This always result to ramshackle or shanty buildings and dirty environment not suitable for human settlement.